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Our holiday to South Africa: Special Memories for all to last until our next visit

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February 13, 2017
Education is not only learned at school
February 26, 2017

We spent the first three nights of our holiday for Safari. The malaria-free Safari experience exceeded our greatest expectations! Kids were amazed with the experience of seeing wild animals so close to them and observing their behaviour! My 6-year-old son is still talking about the little lions’ games, and my daughter, 7 years old, cannot forget the “fights” of the baby elephants! And these amazing scenes were happening a couple of meters away from our jeep car! Our ranger was both a guide and an educator and by the end a friend of our kids! She collected objects from the fields to add in their album/activity book and she was sitting with us for breakfast to answer their questions of any kind…! The lodge was clean and tidy, our room large and comfortable, the staff friendly and helpful, the kids club was simple but offered many activities, the swimming pool was refreshing, the views unspoiled, the spa treatments were excellent! The whole experience was so friendly and perfect for parents and kids!

During our three nights stay we managed to see fascinating animals: dozens of elephants, black and white rhinos, hippos, the male and female lions with their cubs, hundreds of zebras and giraffes, buffalos, the male and female cheetah with their four cubs of 4 weeks old, countless springboks and wildebeests, kudus, monkeys, eagles and hawks, giant snails and tortoises of different sizes.

The rest of our holiday was spent in Cape Town. What a beautiful city! Here the nature was so present too! The children loved the breath-taking views from the Table Mountain and from the Cape Point and they enjoyed walking and jumping over rocks and the uneven plateau. To travel up with the cableway was fun too! Our visit to the Boulders Bay had a lot going for it: the kids climbed over the granite rocks and played in the rock pools and most importantly they came close and personal with the African penguins and they took selfies with the cute birds!

Even our visit to the wineries in Cape Town was a children-friendly experience! The kids were given activity books to go through the wine process, tried alcohol-free grape juices and had a picnic al fresco, experienced wild animals’ demonstrations and they touched and held owls, eagles and snakes at the wineries’ encounters. They even watched a ducks parade in one of the wineries before the cute birds start their daily job to clean the vineyards from the parasites and insects.

Out trip to the historic Robben Island was a must for all to understand the other side of life: here you forget the beauty of the mainland cities, you concentrate to the Road of Freedom for many Black Africans and to the wretched and rich history of the island. It was an experience by itself for my 6 and 7-year-old children to be guided by an ex-political prisoner in his own cell!
This was our favourite destination for holidays with children! I felt this country has everything for children and parents to enjoy! The education that our children (and ourselves) received in a week, the pictures, the icons, the knowledge and the wisdom was unique! The unforgettable memories that we have all brought back will remain alive until we go back!

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