test New Schools and Educational Activities for your kids

We know that as parents, considering private lessons, group lessons or tuition to help your child, picking the right school or tutor will be very important to you.

W hether your child is in the beginning or advanced stages of learning or are looking to push your limits, we are here to help; whether you want your child to be taught at home or visit a school, we will be able to recommend schools for swimming, music, dance, language courses and whatever you think that you want your little talented person to experience.

W hether your child is preparing for the big step of entry exams, we will guide you to experienced tutors and organised groups that specialise in getting them through this challenge.

W e will listen to your / your child’s needs and research the best available options to present to you in a detailed way (e.g. hourly rates, qualifications, approach to teaching, ability and availability) and we will give you the choice of your own preferred school or tutor and invite you to decide which one is best for your situation.

We can make the lives of busy parents easier and take off them these time consuming tasks and endless searches which in the end of the day might be useless and unworthy!