test The Little PA - assistant to busy parents

Our mission

The Little PA is aimed at busy and expatriate parents helping them find the most efficient
and stress free way to help them organise their children's free time,
events and family holidays

Working exclusively through the Internet and phone, The Little PA aims to make the life
of busy parents easier, more organised and more enjoyable. Parents can hand over to us
regular or one off tasks that have to do with children and family.

Half-term and other school holidays can be a big headache to professional, busy parents.

Are you looking for help in planning a party for your child? You have come to the right place.

Going on holiday with our kids is always fun and rewarding but finding great destinations can be difficult and time consuming.

Considering private lessons, group lessons or tuition to help your child, picking the right school or tutor is important to you.

We organise your children's free time without you spending valuable time to search for events and activities
We organise and coordinate your children's parties so you just sit back and enjoy with your children and guests

We arrange your annual and other holidays with the promise that you will enjoy it as much as your children will do
We save you valuable time by giving us quick instructions and then providing you with bespoke choices tailored to your personal preferences and lifestyle

It will not take you long to give instructions to me. Apart from my organisational skills, I have the ability to troubleshoot any given situation and most importantly I have a life experience in working and living with kids and dealing with matters related to them.

We can make the lives of busy parents easier and take off them these time consuming tasks and endless searches which in the end of the day might be useless and unworthy!